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Blogpost no. 2, 7th October 2019. Ice.

So. This one is about ice. This weekend was a great one, at least Saturday. One of my best friend's husband turned 40 and held a big party. And it was a drinks party. I usually only drink beer, cos that's just my taste. But the few beers that were at this party quickly ran out, and I was FORCED to drink drinks. Many drinks. And I didn't think I was that kinda person, who would enjoy pink, swirly, sparkly, sweet drinks. With umbrellas and fucking green leaves in it. But it was friggin awesome! Finding the drinkscard and deciding what drink to make.  Mixing it in the shaker, and finally adding alot of ice. Like Jim Carrey said in dumb and dumber "I like it alot!" At least Saturday night. Sunday - not so much. Apparently drinks, e.i. booze, gives you a massive headache. So I wore my pyjamas all day Sunday and watched movies with the kids. Btw, love the movie Rise of The Guardians - with Jack Frost.

I have also started a new job, for a private nursing agency - and even though I primarily want to work with homeless people and drug addicts, I just needed a change in my working opportunities. I ride my bike around all day, visiting people in their homes, helping them with medication, wounds, compressions, basically all kinds of nursing skills. It is quite the opposite of what I'm used to doing, but it feels kinda great to have some basic nursing between my hands. But this  week also came the first frost, and being outdoors alot of the day has tired me a lot. I definitely need to find my winter jacket and boots!

Right now I'm freezing in an ice hockey rink, watching my oldest play hockey. I seriously love this sport, and my son lives for it, so it is really cool to have time and opportunity to watch him play. The trainers are so awesome, and he keeps getting better with every training. But shitfuckmotherfuckershit is it cold to sit still and watch him play for two hours! Especially after having been outside most of the day. I need to bring a blanket and some coffee next time! Definitely coffee. 

Aaaaaaand what the fuck does all this have anything to do with art, you say?

Well, between new job, crazy kids, ice hockey, biking to and from and at work, drinking drinks and being hungover - well, yet again, time to creative thinking and producing just is very narrow! 

So, in order to be creative this month, I decided to take up the challenge of Inktober. I have no idea what the exact terms are, except having to made one ink drawing every day in the month of October. And so far, I love it! It is really fun and challenging, and for me the thing that works is the consistency in it. That it doesn't have to be many hours every day. But that I do HAVE to make a drawing every day. I hope I'll be able to keep this up the entire month - and maybe even make a habit of doodling more every day.

You can follow my works, if you want, on Instagram and Facebook.

Cheers and happy fucking Monday 

Blogpost no. 2, 26th september 2019. Laundry, worms and other crap.

Recently I have had a lot of “aha” experiences.

“Ahaaa, so THAT’S what it looks like” experience No 1: So today I finally saw the bottom of my laundry basket. I have three kids, and they throw random shit in the laundry baskets all the time, clean clothes, dirty clothes, toys and shoes. Especially when I ask them to clean their shit up, everything just gets thrown in the basket. They hope I won’t notice, and they don’t want to spend their precious time sorting toys, finding puzzle pieces or making their bed. It’s just so fucking easy to throw all the crap into one basket, and pooof, the job is done. I’m thinking that maybe I could learn a thing or two from my kids…

“Ahaaaa, so THAT’S what it looks like” experience No 2: So apparently, they have worms in my daughter’s daycare. I was desperately hoping she wouldn’t get it, because, lets face it, worms are fucking disgusting. And she is pretty good at washing her hands. But alas, when I was getting her ready for bed, out from her butthole climbed a worm. A gross, small, white and surprisingly fast worm. My husband panicked and ran out of the room, so much for his help. And for those of you who have kids, you know it is gross but that basically every family gets it at one point or another (just like lice – ahh the joy of parenting). And for those of you who don’t have kids, and think we are the most disgusting family ever and you never wanna be near me or my family ever; I totally fucking understand. I don’t want to be near me either and this point. Or my kids for that matter…

“Ahaaaa, so THAT’S what it looks like” experience No 3: So, these days while being at home with my daughter, time just goes extremely slow. Don’t get me wrong, I love spending time with her – I love spending time with all my kids. But there’s just so much doll-playing, magnetic-sand-castle-making and peppa-pig watching a grownup can stand. So we went to the library for the first time in ages. And it was fucking fantastic! I had totally forgot about this magical place. I have always had a sort of book fetish, and love looking, touching, and reading all sorts of books; and I have a room filled with books in my house. Even though I don’t read most of them, I still just love looking at them.

And just to show how confused my mind can be, here is what I borrowed from the library: The Cale-Bitches’ cookbook, Put it in a Jar cookbook, the Danish poet Michael Strunge Complete Works (which is over 900 pages) Everything Everything (a teen love novel) and Mindfulness for Parents. So there’s that for me to read. Amongst of course a million children’s books that my daughter wanted to borrow, which we will never read and probably get a fine for, for returning too late.

And what the fuck does all this have to do with art and painting, you say?

Well, between deworming, handwashing, disinfecting, laundry-washing (90 degrees c. of course), handwashing, childcaring, handwashing, cleaning uping, handwashing, peppapigwatching and Oh oh did I mention HANDFUCKINGWASHING, well, I just haven’t had the time or the energy to do anything remotely creative, painting, drawing or other crafts wise. Of course, I know this is just a faze, and it’ll go over soon -especially now that the whole family is eating worm-killing-pills…

It is just a faze, like everything else with the kids. It’ll go over.

Right until a new faze starts.

Happy fucking Thursday everybody <3

Blogpost No. 1: 18th september 2019

This is my very first blogpost, so please keep that in mind when reading. And there will be a lot of swearing. Now you’re warned.

I have been out for a run today, fucking 11 kilometers! I love it and hate it at the same time. Running is so fucking boring. But it is the only thing I am remotely good at, exercise wise, and it is easy for me to do. I don’t have to go to a gym or fitness center, meet up at a cardio-work out, have to deal with a lot of gear an equipment I never know how to use. The only this I need is to put on my running shoes and go out the fucking door. But the hardest path, the one that is most strenuous, is the path from the couch out to the shoes, because shit I’m lazy! I love to just hang out. Procrastinating, watching stupid series on Netflix, hilarious videos on youtube, and scroll up and down Instagram and Facebook, so see what cool life I have missed out on.

Every morning, I get myself conviced that I don’t need to run today, I have slept bad, I can always do it tomorrow, my throat hurts a little etc etc. But I recently found the best tip I have ever read, when trying to get in shape, go for a run, be more active, whatever the fuck you wanna call it. The tip? Read this shit: JUST PUT ON THE FUCKING SPORTSWEAR! Yah, you read it right. And it fucking works!! Having put on the running clothes, I makes me fucking wanna run! And I really believe in these small psychological actions, to help myself become more motivated and mentally ready for the task ahead. It really fucking works, and you should try it. Anyways it just looks fucking stupid lying on the couch in my sportswear eating food.

And what the fuck does running have anything to do with art, you say?

Listen, when I’m out for a run, I have no responsibilities towards anyone else, but me. No chores, no kids, no job, no collegues, no painting, no laundry etc. to worry about. It’s all about ME. And when running, my mind starts to wander. Because even though I have no responsibility, my mind will still think about what to make for dinner tonight, when will I be able to use all the potatoes I found dumpsterdiving, I wonder what I will find next time I go dumpster diving, maybe I should sort out my wardrobe more so we won’t have as much laundry and so on. My mind also wanders further into total daydream mode: I wonder what it would be like if we got one more kid, what if we rented out our house and moved to Finland for a year? What would I do if I won the lottery and never had to work again? Wow I hope I’ll be able to go to a Heaven Shall Burn concert next year now that they have started playing again and crowdsurf all the way from the back to the front, and then stagedive off.  

But when I run, I also start getting new ideas. My mind goes into creative mode, and I start to think about new projects, new techniques, and get new ideas for my paintings. How to adapt certain mixed medias to canvases, which images I would like to use, what perspectives go together and if I should start working on new themes. What paint to use, what colors, brushes (or not uses brushes at all) – the ideas become millions for me on a run.  I start to think about writing, and this is also the reason I’m writing this blogpost – the idea came from while I was running.

The hard thing is how to channelize the ideas and thoughts into actual work. The ideas are millions, but there are worth nothing if they are just in my head. If I never try the ideas out, I will never know if it works out or not, if it makes sense or not, if it was a good or bad idea.

And it fucking doesn’t matter if it is a good or bad idea or not – what matters it actually trying it out. Giving it a go. Experimenting, being curious, letting go of concerns and worry, and in fact start translating the abstract thoughts onto the canvas.

So those are my words of wisdom for today: JUST FUCKING DO IT. Just fucking put the sportswear on. Just fucking take the paintbrush in the hand. Just fucking read the book.

No one can make things happen, except you.


Happy fucking Wednesday!



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