Art By the Bay 2018

Art By the Bay 2018

My mother and I were yet again invited to the annual art event Art By The Bay, in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. This year the theme was Eco Art Inspires. where the focus is on plastic pollution, and the artworks should incorporate reusable, recyclable and inorganic materials.

Unfortunately I was not able to attend and install the project, but my mother, artist Susanna Hernesniemi,was on-site and represented our artwork. The event took place from 14-18 September, and the installation is currently on display at Suria Sabah in Kota Kinabalu.


Our artist statement:

All too many consumer products are packed into

plastic. Unfortunately a large amount of it is dumped into our oceans,

with massive consequeces for the marine life and our environment. Our

planet is facing a huge problem.

Our project PLASTIX contains used

household plastic bags which are made into butterflies, symbolizing our

fragile nature. Urgent action is needed to solve the global plastic

pollution problem.

Let us start now - locally!


Slideshow with pictures from the event: